First Aid

Do not panic! Our offices operate independently and appointments will always remain at the office where your file was opened. We do not recommend you take an appointment at the other office, as your information is not available/accessible, furthermore there would be an additional fee of $100.


It is normal to have some discomfort after installing the braces. This usually last from one to several days and varies significantly between individuals. Use over the counter painkillers if necessary (Tylenol or Advil) (dosage as indicated on package)). You may also eat soft food (soup, soft eggs, bananas, etc…).

Feel free to call our office so we can remedy you concern.

Ulcers or Irritation

Sometimes, rarely, you may develop an ulcer inside you cheek or gum. This could be as result of some kind of irritation from a long wire or bracket, or it may have developed due to a different cause. In either case, rinse you mouth with some anti-bacterial mouth wash or warm salted water. Lozenges, such as Dequadin (available without a prescription) provide soothing relief and taste good!

If your ulcer does not heal within few days, please call our office to address you problem.

Loose bracket or band

This usually happens as a result of eating some type of hard food that the patient was supposed to avoid or to eat it with care. Also a knock to the face could cause a loose bracket or band.

If the bracket or band is still attached to the wire, leave it in place. You may cover it with wax and call our office for an appointment. However, if the bracket or band comes completely out, save it and bring it with you to the next appointment. If you are wearing headgear or elastics, do not attach it to a loose band or bracket.

Arch wire problems

The initial arch wires we use are very flexible and may come out from the tube in the back. Try to re-insert it, if you can, into the tube using tweezers. If this is not possible, cover with wax and call the office to arrange to come in.

If a wire is poking you, first try to bend it with a spoon or a pencil eraser. If you are unable to do it, place a small piece of wax or wet cotton over it and call our office for an appointment.

If the wire breaks (very rare), which could be a result of eating extremely hard food, use your wax and please call our office to arrange an appointment to address this problem.

** If the wax does not stick well to the braces you are probably not warming the wax enough before moulding it around the brace or wire.

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