« Le résultat de mes dents est le meilleur cadeau de Noël que j’ai eu. Vous êtes tellement une bonne équipe ! Merci ! »
Lama Zakhour20/12/2011
« My teeth are now so much better than before in only 2 years! I used to have pain due to the positioned of my teeth but now, it’s all gone. »
Gordon Hua 06/10/2011
« Mes dents sont belles, quelle belle journée ! »
Sami Maaroufi05/05/2011
« If was fast, easy and wonderful result. »
Louana Bitar 19/10/2010
Thumbs Up
« Je n’en reviens pas du résultat. WOW! »
Edgar Aristondo14/09/2010
« Je suis super content (200 % content) Merci, vous êtes des professionnels. »
Micheal Mickail13/05/2010
« The staff is very nice and professional. If it weren’t for Dr. Chamma and his team, I wouldn’t believe me smiling was possible. Now everyday I find myself smiling more and more. The treatment was quick and painless. In less than two months, I noticed a big difference. If I had to do it over again, I would have done it a lot sooner. It’s really worth it! »
Lara Garby (20)August 2002
« Very professional » … « Provides excellent service and exceptional treatment! »
Father of Omar At Tayeb (11)July 2002
« The staff and Doctor are very professional in everything » … « Dr. Chamma is very experienced and when he works on my braces, I feel very comfortable. »
Narges Rezajejavid (24)July 2002
« Dr. Chamma has a great sense of humor! My visits were always enjoyable and comfortable. His staff was friendly and made certain to explain everything! I am very happy with the result and the short time it took. I find it has really built my confidence and self-esteem. » « Thanks Dr. C! »
Omar Al Farajat (13)August 2002
« I wear Invisalign night and day. They don’t hurt. I’ve had them for eight months and see a big dirrerence. I like the look because no one knows I have them on. »
Sandy Masronandi (mid 30’s)May 2002
« I’ve worn wire braces before… When my wisdom teeth recently grew in, the pressure pushed my teeth outward. I’ve used invisalign for only three months and see movement already. I like being able to remove them to eat and brush my teeth »
Stephanie Boros (mid 20’s)May 2002
« Thank you Dr. Chamma for my beautiful teeth! »
Jani Beaulieu (20’s)February 2000
« I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your beautiful job, you did on my teeth. I am very happy about it. Thank you very much. »
Dimitra Scourtellis (mid 40’s)April 2001
« Thank you ever so much, even though it took a lot of work and patience, I now have a wonderful smile of which I am extremely proud. And it’s all thanks to you. …Especially for my favorite Orthodontist »
Lisa Fitzwilliam (16)
« Merci infiniment pour ce sourire! »
Maude Poeti (20’s)
« Merci infiniment pour les belles dents! »
Melanie Labelle (20’s)
I have been treated in a very profesional manner by Dr. Chamma and his staff. In the end I have a very attractive smile and that makes me very happy. Thank you.
Nadia Chiavalou (20’s)2001
Merci Dr. Chamma pour le merveilleux sourire que j’ai maintenant! Quelle différence!
Maryse Goulet09.09.2008
Smile with White Teeth
Une expérience formidable, des employés professionnels et je suis très contente du résultat.
Patricia Corzo24.09.2009
I am happy I came here / Je suis contente d’être venue ici.
Thamina Hoque06.10.2009
Je suis super contente. Si ce serait à recommencer, je n’hésiterais pas à le refaire.
Dalya Aglan03.11.2009
Wow! Mes dents sont tellement transformées.
Robin Matteau17.11.2009

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