INVISALIGN in Pointe Claire, QC

For years, traditional braces had been the only option for adults who wanted straighter teeth. The Invisalign system offers the first true alternative to braces, by utilizing advances in 3-D imaging technology to a create series of customized plastic clear aligners.

A revolutionary way of straightening teeth, for adults and teens.

Invisalign is the clear solution for patients that want straight teeth without braces. Invisalign uses a series of nearly undetectable aligners instead of braces. So it is really hard for people to tell you are wearing Invisalign even up close. Invisalign can give you the smile you have always wanted without the wires you have always avoided.

Advantages Of Invisalign

The Invisalign is quite comfortable, and it is very easy to remove for eating, brushing and flossing of your teeth.  If you think Invisalign is the answer to your needs, just call Source Out Code office at 800-674-3698 to arrange for consultation.  Dr. Chamma is an orthodontist who has been Invisalign-trained and certified to determine whether this is the right treatment for you.

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