SPEED Braces in Pointe Claire, QC

If you’re in the market for braces but don’t want to spend multiple years correcting the alignment of your teeth, then we have a solution for you: SPEED braces.

Because SPEED braces have been in clinical use for over 20 years, and because the technology has been continually refined along the way, SPEED braces are some of the most advanced dental technologies available on the market. The self-locking housing design and fast-spindle system offers many advantages over traditional braces.

The SPEED braces system boasts the following attributes:

Comfortable: Because SPEED braces are approximately 30% smaller than conventional braces, clients experience minimized lip and cheek irritation.
High Tech: The miniaturized design of SPEED braces includes an energy-storing spring clip, which applies a gentle but continuous force to straighten your teeth, while still greatly reducing the pain and discomfort usually associated with braces.
Stylish: SPEED braces eliminates the “railroad track” look that many people find unacceptable in their orthodontic treatments.
Efficient: The system’s space age materials and super-elastic spring clips create efficient activation to correct improper tooth position. With patient cooperation, SPEED braces often reduce the duration of this common orthodontic treatment.

Hygienic: Their small size and absence of “tie wings” (which often catch and trap food) make your SPEED braces easier to clean and much more hygienic.

If you’re in need of high speed braces in Pointe Claire, Kirkland, or anywhere in the West Island, we couldn’t be closer. We highly recommend you consider SPEED braces as a solution to your dental needs.

They are without a doubt one of the most dependable, effective and fast treatments you can use.

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