SPEED Braces in Pointe Claire, QC

The speed braces system has the following advantages: Comfort: miniaturized design (approx. 1/3rd smaller than conventional braces), this in turn will lead to minimize the lip and cheek irritation.  In addition, their springs apply a gentle force, which means less discomfort and injury and pain relief throughout the treatment.  Esthetic: Its design eliminates the “railroad track” look that many people considering orthodontic treatment find unacceptable.  Hygienic: Their small size and absence of “tie wings” (which often catch and trap food) make it easier to clean.

Efficient: The speed super-elastic spring clips create a very efficient activation when the tooth is not in its correct position.  With patient cooperation, speed braces often reduce the length of orthodontic treatment duration.

SPEED Braces SPEED Braces teeth brush

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