Teeth Whitening in the West Island

There are many reasons that teeth lose that bright white look we all wish we had.

Discolored teeth can be related to your diet. It’s not just coffee and red wine that can stain your teeth over time, but other elements like cigarette smoke or even berries can have a detrimental effect on your dental coloring. Another cause is related to the ageing process. It’s natural to see a gradual discoloration of the teeth as we get older. Certain medicines can also affect the color of our teeth.

So what is the solution? You guessed it – teeth whitening!  If you’re looking for teeth whitening in Montreal, and particularly in Pointe Claire or Kirkland, we are the west island dentists for you!

What is Involved in the Tooth Whitening Process?

If you choose to take action to improve your smile, but are curious about the process, let’s be clear: to whiten your teeth involves a mild bleaching. This cosmetic process restores the natural, brilliant white you were born with, helping to hide the stains and discolorations you’ve accumulated over time.

Sure, there are some teeth-whitening products you can choose to buy off the shelf, but only the Montreal teeth whitening experts at West Island Orthodontist can use the advanced procedures and high-end products that will get your smile truly white.

Our process is simple: First we create custom dental impressions of your smile so we can help apply the whitening agent to your teeth effectively. Next we make sure that the fit is comfortable for you. The comfort of our patients is one of our top priorities. Finally, we’ll apply the whitening agent to the custom impressions we made. Each treatment only takes a short time, so you’ll be able to get on with your day in no time.

Is This Procedure For Me?

Don’t be afraid – teeth whitening is very safe. We only use methods that have been proven effective. However, teeth whitening is not appropriate for 100% of clients. Make sure to speak to a dentist at our Pointe Claire location (which is also very close to Kirkland) to find out more. There is a high probability that teeth whitening is just fine for you.

Is There Any Pain Involved?

Some patients report slight sensitivity to the procedure. This includes tooth sensitivity, susceptibility to cold, as well as some possible gum sensitivity. That said, this is only usually felt during the procedure for some patients, and disappears soon after the procedure is completed.

How Soon Can I Expect Results?

Our Pointe-Claire dental services are relatively speedy. In fact, many patients report seeing results within a week, or if they’re lucky, even within hours! We care about your smile, and because we use some of the best and most trusted products available on the market, you shouldn’t have to return for more than a few visits to restore your teeth to their former glory. Of course, every smile a dentist looks at is different, and teeth whitening is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The speed with which you can whiten your teeth always depends on the original state of your teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

Almost! But ultimately, the whitening effect usually only lasts a few to several years. You might find you want to pop in every year or two for a slight touch-up, but any maintenance will be relatively quick and easy, with treatments not not taking the same amount of time as your initial visits. And don’t forget, the whitening effect last longest if you adjust some of your habits. Try to limit the amount of liquids and foods that will be detrimental to a white smile. This means you should watch you coffee and red wine intake, and consider quitting smoking if you are a smoker. It won’t just be good for your teeth, but for your overall health as well!

So if you’re in need of a teeth whitening dentist in the west island, you’re in the right place. We’ll have the perfect dentist for you, making your smile brighter than it has been in years.

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