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Orthodontics is practiced by many, however not all are certified or have the same training and experience. General dentistry is just that, general, and although most dentists may be able to handle a minor case, their training does not qualify them to be recognized by the Canadian and American Associations of Orthodontics. All orthodontists study general dentistry before going into their specialty.

Dr. Chamma obtained his D.D.S. (Doctor in Dental Surgery) before specializing. A Master of Science (M.Sc.) means three years of full time study in the specialty, while a certificate could have been obtained in as little as a few weeks. This three year orthodontic program not only allowed Dr. Chamma to learn detailed skills throughout complete, complicated treatment, but also post-treatment retention. Cases from A to Z. With the duration of any certificate, this is not possible. The best education, coupled with over 22 years of experience; you know you are in good hands!

State-of-the-art Equipment

We are equipped with the state of the art digital imaging technology and computer assisted analysis for ultimate precision. Additionally, we only use the best and latest technological orthodontic appliances. There are fewer annual visits, less friction, no discoloured elastics, faster treatment and smaller more aesthetic brackets. The break through technologies of today mean patients should experience very little discomfort throughout their treatment, with fabulous results!And for your peace of mind, every measure is taken to ensure the utmost sterility including the latest methods and sterilization equipment. Rest assured this is a subject we take very seriously!

No Surprise Fees

Throughout the many years, the concern we have heard over and over again, is having heard of, or experiencing surprise fees or add-on fees. We always provide our patients with a written contract that indicates the course of treatment and all the costs entailed, before they start the treatment. There are no add-on fees or surprise new treatment necessary. You are not misled to think that a partial or phase I treatment (that seems very economical) is a complete treatment. When we quote you on a full treatment it includes all aspects of orthodontic care from the time the braces are placed until you have completed post active (braces) treatment retention of 2-3 years. Coupled with very competitive rates and affordable; no interest financial plans to suit most budgets. Your first step is a consultation.

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